Predator 2048

Look! There is a New Thurs 2048!
Become Predator from Predators!
Prove your strength of mind with one of the best gaming addiction!
Solve these logics and you will become the true predator fish puzzles!


How to play Predator 2048:
– Slide the tiles left, right, up or down
– When the tiles with the same fish touch they merge into a new tile
– When the 13th fish created this fishing game is completed

Features Predator 2048:
• Compete with your Facebook friends for the title of 2048 Predator
• Predator 2048 is translated into more than 20 languages
​​• Enable or disable sounds fun when playing fish

2048 puzzle games are cool games, especially if you add him some fish. Get 2048 free games!

Are you ready for the latest puzzle games? In this version of 2048, there are plenty of fish with attitude. In this world of fish you’ll meet friendly predators. This is the time of the evolution of predators! Your task is to slide the tiles to move the predatory fish. When two tiles with the same fish touch, they merge into a new fighter fish. When you create the ultimate predator fish, you win. Fishing games have never been more fun!
In these fun games where you have to use logic and reasoning. Fishing begins when fish eat their prey. The choice of the predator is always focused on the smaller fish. There will be plenty of movement of parts in order to complete this game predators. This new quest fish is extremely addictive games from 2048. So download this application fish live now and become a professional predator Predator with 2048 where fish eat fish!



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